Being Centered Psychological Services

We welcome you to Being Centered, psychology for the soul. A transformative space for rapid growth and healing. We specialize in relationships with the soul - a new approach for integration of mind with soul.

Our mission is to help others build love and unity within themselves and within relationships. You deserve a true and genuine connection, a connection based on love and unity. This connection is formed by connecting with your soul and presenting your soul outwardly to others. Coming into alignment and harmony within yourself allows you to form soul-to-soul connections with others based on true and genuine love.

Our approach uses old techniques in a new way, using both psychological principles and energy-based meditations. This approach is used to guide you to align and integrate you mind with your soul. You are not an illness. Embrace your capacity to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

Dr. Anna Huff is licensed clinical psychologist in CT and NY. Her therapeutic approach focuses on the integration and acceptance of all aspects of oneself with the development of courage to follow one’s own inner guidance.

Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo is licensed clinical psychologist in CT and NY. She has experience working with clients clinically, primarily with adults in an outpatient setting.

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How We Can Help

We offer individual and couple’s psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is treatment intended to address psychological functioning and to facilitate psychological well-being. Individual and couple's psychotherapy is typically one 50-minute session per week. This is subject to change, based on client need. Services are provided for adolescents and adults.

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Have you or a client ever felt stuck within treatment? Need direction on diagnos(es), symptoms, or treatment recommendations?

Psychological evaluations can provide a snapshot in time of who a person is and how their past and present contributes to their psychological functioning. We offer psychological evaluations to children (as young as 10 years old), adolescents, and adults.

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