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Guidance from Animals: Messages from the Universe

We were driving to facilitate our group at The Angel Cooperative on Route 7 in Ridgefield, CT, when we saw two vultures eating at the side of the road. As we drove past them one flew directly at our car, showing it’s magnificent splendor. So, of course, we searched, “spiritual meaning of vulture.” And really, we do that same search for many things. Some of the more recent ones have been “spiritual meaning of chipmunk” and “spiritual meaning of goose.” We can all receive messages from the universe, and we can have some say so in how we receive that guidance. We have chosen one of our ways as animal guidance. We have told the universe and directly so, that we are open to receiving messages and guidance in this form. So the universe readily provides. You’d be surprised what happens when you simply ask and then receive.

One night, I was up reading and there was a massive fly that landed right in front of me on the window frame. And normally I would not think anything of this occurrence, it is a common thing to see a fly. Well like everything else, I decided to search, “spiritual meaning of fly.” And surly enough there was a message for us. The fly was reminding us to persevere and show determination through difficult times and to utilize the whole vision (360 vision) of upcoming changes in our lives. I shared the messages with my wife the next morning, and we both felt an immediate sense of relief. We could do that. We could persevere, and we could definitely show determination.

One day, we were going on a walk on a trail at the recreation center in Ridgefield, CT. We were using our time to share about our spiritual path; where we had been, where we were, and where we were going. Suddenly, we saw a chipmunk scurrying amongst a pile of rocks. As you may know, chipmunks rarely show themselves to humans. I stopped my wife and said, “look, another chipmunk.” We had been seeing them frequently, as of late. As we both turned to look, the chipmunk stopped in it’s tracks, planted itself firmly on a rock, and stared back at us. It looked as though it was having a conversation with us, although we could not make out what was being said. A minute passed in this conversation, and a man began to near on the path, another walker out enjoying the day. And the chipmunk quickly scurried away amongst the rocks. So, per our usual, we looked up the meaning. And we read something good was on it’s way, we would experience abundance, and our heart’s desires would come true. This was exactly what we needed in that moment to keep moving forward with our day. We left our walk full of excitement and joy.

Do you ever have those times when you see something and point it out to someone, “look at that …” and the person looks and the animal is gone? That is a specific message meant for you! Try looking it up and see what happens. Allow the universe to share it’s wisdom.

The Teachings of Intertwining Energy

One of the things we have learned is the integration and intertwining of our energy. What we do as healers has continuously evolved, as we have continuously grown into who we are and who we are to become. At the present time, we focus on embracing the humility to receive and the courage to give.


Over our time in creating our lives with one another, we have done quite a bit of work and gained increased understanding of how our healing energy happens in synchronicity with one another. We have known for quite some time how to intertwine our energies, and we had reached a phase that was like leveling up! We were not only being called to intertwine, we were being called to act as one. This one was difficult for me to grasp, because of how close we already were and not knowing what that would look like on the physical plain. We both greatly feared the potential for enmeshment. We are such different people, as individuals, and we both greatly value our individuality. We knew we had that on our side. So, we sifted through a discussion of the potentials, and what would alert us to the darkness that enmeshment can bring. Then we began to embrace the energy, the experience of operating energetically as one unit. It was an integration of our energy, and it was an amazing experience.


I am emotional and empathic, and I feel my way through things. My intuition is based on my connection with my heart and my feelings. I also have a vision of the spiritual on the physical world.


My intuition comes from knowledge. When I am receiving messages, they come in as messages I know to be true. I have less of an emotional response to the information and simply a sense of knowing.


This makes for a balance in our abilities. In using our resources to operate as one energetically, we provide significant balance in ourselves and our work. There is a good interplay of what we are able to do. What upsets one of us, does not upset the other and vice versa. When one of us displays masculine attributes, the other displays feminine. It resembles yin and yang in the form of two people. After we learned of this need to overlay our energies, to intertwine, we went home and did a tarot card reading. The reading was intended to be for two people, and the ways they intertwine in a relationship. As we sat, both puzzled over the reading, it dawned on us. The cards were not reading for us separately. The cards were reading for our third, our combined energy. We were both nearly brought to tears by the beauty of it. Our understanding of the overlay of our energies has helped to strengthen what we do as individuals and in the relationship, because our differences are complementary and are also united, as a whole.

Whispers of the Winds: Listening to Intuition

One morning, I woke up and had a vision of living in Fairfield. We were living and working in the downtown area. My vision was simple but clear. We were walking from our home to our office, taking in the sunny sky. The morning I had that vision, we were living in New Fairfield, and our practice was in Ridgefield. We had begun to feel our own energy shifting, and we were continuing to follow the current, no matter where that seemed to take us. We had been in New Fairfield and Ridgefield for 9 months, and we knew it was time for this phase in our lives to be over. We knew it was time for the birth of something… but what?

I forgot to mention the vision to Teresa, and so we started going about our day. We started working on the days work and meditating, as we usually do. Our meditations that morning were frustrating. We felt as though energy was trying to move, and it was not moving. There was an energy blockage of some sort. We worked on it ourselves for quite some time, and after minimal progress, we decided it was time to reach out for help. If you cannot make the progress on your own, having trusted others around you can be helpful in keeping you steadfast on your journey. So we called and scheduled an appointment with a beautiful woman who is a psychic, clairvoyant, energy healer, and much more. She is a woman who follows her true path and graciously helps others with theirs. She has often been able to help us, and we knew with our energy block today, that she was the one to see. Although we learned many things during that meeting, we also heard a crucial piece. Our time in Ridgefield was up. She asked if we had heeded that warning from before, and we admitted we had not. We had planned to continue with our private practice in Ridgefield. Yet, admittedly, we had received multiple signs, including direct guidance form her, that our time in Ridgefield was up. Again, admittedly, it is not always easy to follow your intuition or the guidance you receive from helpful sources. We were ready though, and we knew it. This plunge was not too different from how our lives usually were. We quickly accepted that our time in Ridgefield had served it’s purpose. We accepted that we were being called to move. Our psychic then brought up the Firehouse Deli. “I keep seeing the Firehouse Deli.”

From that point, we began to talk about how the energy was changing and what we were experiencing. The session and what we had learned was moving us again. I shared the full vision I had that morning of us residing in Fairfield. So we made it official, we decided to move our home and office to Fairfield. Within one hour’s time, everything came back into place energetically, and we were back on track with our lives. We posted on Facebook about looking for a space, and a therapist reached out. She had a space next to where? Of course, the Firehouse Deli. We laughed. We met her within a few days and agreed to take the space. Immediately when that happened, we began to receive contacts from clients in that area interested in our services. We had not even begun to advertise. The universe provides when there is trust and faith and choice.

My intuition that morning was subtle. I had barely noticed what had happened. I was busy listening to my monkey mind of the day. Our monkey mind usually obsesses over various topics, such as a situation that occurred with a friend or co-worker or things that need to get done for the day. When we quiet our monkey mind, we can better hear and follow our own intuition. Intuition comes in many shapes and forms and sizes. We can receive intuition through all five senses. Intuition can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt. It can also be a combination of those five. Intuition can also be a sense of knowing – information you know with no seeming rational as to why. Intuition can be simple, and it can be complex. Intuition can tell us we need to physically move our residence, now. Intuition can tell us we need to make a phone call to someone who is in need. We can choose to listen to our intuition, and we can choose not to listen. Feed what you want to grow. Give yourself the gift of intuition.

Moving Past Distractions

An active participation with the spiritual realm and what we have started calling your “spiritual posse” (that is in reference to your angels, guides, ancestors, and spiritual beings helping you on your journey) can be more challenging than one may think. This can be particularly true when one first begins to walk the path of active participation. We definitely thought it was easier, until we placed it into practice. There are all of these distractions in the way of having a relationship with the spiritual realm. Our lives here have so many parts to them, things to do, people to see, places to go, etc. Our life can be one giant distraction if we let it.

My distractions were focusing on negativity and cleanliness. I was generally pessimistic, and I believe this was rooted from my environment’s tendency to over emphasize negative things. Generally speaking, society can have a way highlighting the negative things or experiences in life versus the positive. And the more negativity that is bred, the more negativity that is attracted. So for me, I could always think of things I was mad about. I also had an amazing ability to see dirt, dust, and all things dirty, which could really drive me crazy. Either way, be it the negativity or the focus on dirt, I was taken away from real life and from living in the moment. To add to my difficulty with things that are dirty, we have two amazing, beautiful, and helpful dogs. They are constantly guiding us along our journey. We have a fenced in area for them to be outside, and as a standard with dogs, there is poop. And my beautiful wife, who I am convinced does not see poop, with extraordinary frequency, she steps in it and then unknowingly brings it into our home. I could literally focus on this for an entire day if I let my self. And to my wife’s credit, she does try her best. So, I could breed my own negativity and become hypervigilant about the germs it carries, which then leads me to think about the other dirt in the home. And yet, I’ve learned to choose not to!! Why? I think back to one day in particularly. I remember clearly and distinctly seeing poop by the main door, and I was really trying not to be upset when she called from inside of the dining room “I was just told to meditate to get the knowledge of the universe.” And really these are the moments to figure out what is more important: the smidge of poop by the front door that I could easily and quickly clean or access to the knowledge of the universe? I, of course, picked the latter and after that my focus for the day was light and beauty.

My distractions are quite different. I become quickly overwhelmed by the amount of things in life to do. Some mornings when I wake up, it is the first thing on my mind. I run through a checklist of the morning. Here’s what it sounds like, ‘let the dogs out, brush my teeth, wash my face, let the dogs in, feed the pets, make coffee, pack lunch, stretch and brief workout, play with the pets, take my wife coffee to wake her up, get dressed…’ I’m sure I could keep going. I visualize all of these things and run them through my head on a repetitive loop. And once I’m done with one list, I come up with another. Some days I have difficulty simply being still and sitting in my own house. I end up looking around and finding a million and one things that could be done. There’s dust on the table. There are things on the floor. There are dishes in the sink. The light bulbs need changing. Really, the list could go on and on and on. In my mind, if I let it, there is never nothing to do. Sounds stressful! And it definitely can be. I had to learn over time that I can focus on all of those things or I can choose not to. The things around the house and the “tasks” of the day will be accomplished one way or another. And if I let those things fill my mind, then they will fill my mind. However, if I let go of those thoughts and allow myself to truly be in the moment, then the world takes on a whole new meaning. And If I focus on all of the “to-do’s,” my ability to focus on spirituality and meaning is diminished. My ability to walk my own life path is diminished. Admittedly, some days it’s easier than others. Some days I’m ready to go and focused on my life path and walking that path, present and in the moment. Other days, it’s not so easy. My wife has helped tremendously on identifying when I need a time-out to stop and settle down. She’ll call me out and say, “it’s time to meditate.” And usually, when my head is filled with “to-do’s,” meditation is the last thing on my list, and usually, it is the first thing I need. If I meditate and become present in the moment, I can refocus myself on the day I am meant to have, a day where I can follow my purpose. And when I’m present and in the moment and not filling my head with chatter, all of those tasks are easier and quicker to accomplish without the stress that my own thoughts can bring. Sounds simple right? It can be, if we let it be.

The answers we are looking for are all around us.

There are subtle ways in which the spiritual realm and what we like to call our “spiritual posse” (that is in reference to your angels, guides, ancestors, and spiritual beings helping you on your journey) operate and call your attention. Ways they provide messages and guidance. Maybe spiritual realm or spiritual posses are a bit out there for some – it’s hard to find words for this that everyone can relate to. Think of what you can relate to, maybe it’s God and angels. Maybe it’s ancestors or Universe or Spirit. Use what works best for you. One of the ways messages are provided is through the “good” and “bad” occurrences that happen throughout your day. Another way is through animal sightings. Have you ever seen an animal that seemed to be calling your attention or was directly in your line of vision, unexpectedly?

The other day we saw a fox walking along the side of the road, literally walking right at us. Calm, no rush, staring us straight in the eyes. There was another time we saw a woodpecker, as we were driving. We stopped the car to watch. Another time, a friend called me “tiger,” in a commonly used expression. I had never heard her say this expression before or call me a “tiger” before. It stood out for me, like words that had been bolded. These instances can be messages. You can find meaning in them, if you choose to do so. A word of caution though, the messages are not always fun.

For example, we had a previous professor and now dear friend who flew into Boston from Fresno, CA. We decided to travel to visit her, and on our way our car started making a funny noise. We made it to a dealership for fixing. Stranded in the dealership for three hours, we had our laptops and a positive attitude. We wrote a chapter of our book at that dealership. We did not make it to Boston. We were not meant to go to Boston. We could have been bitter about it and we might have been if we were not in this place of finding meaning and purpose in all things. We were able to accept the outcome. Would it have been nice to make it to Boston and spend time with our dear friend? Yes, absolutely. And at the same time we accepted we had to do other things, and we were able to write beautiful words.

There is a relationship we have entered into with the spiritual realm in which we are actively engaging. It is a relationship, meaning it is two sided. That realm has ways of communicating with us, ways of providing us with information, if we are willing to listen and take heed. When we see an animal that seems out of place and directly placed in our path for a reason, such as the fox or the woodpecker or the tiger, we simply look up the meaning. Google has a lot of information nowadays. For example, we googled spiritual meaning of fox. A number of pages showed up – we picked one and read the information. We used the information that stood out to us. (When you try this, a lot of information will show up. Pick what stands out.) Our message was to find a swift way around a current predicament within our life. Simple and easy, wisdom from the ancestors right there in our path. The answers we are looking for are all around us. We simply have to open our eyes.

Positive vs. Negative? What About Finding Meaning Instead?

If we focus on the negative, the negative will multiply and take over, and if we focus on positivity, the same will happen. What do you want to focus on?

Let’s take a moment for a brief note on that topic. In life, we need both positive and negative and all shades in between. Everything has value and purpose. It is our responsibility to actively engage within our lives and to gain understanding and meaning. Regardless, of your primary focus, the varied shades of positive and negative have meaning and value. Acceptance of all parts can bring us to a place of peace and greater understanding.

Both of us have a tendency to be irritated by different things, and we can become extremely bothered. Our irritations can take us away from our purpose and our calling. Imagine driving in your car, listening to your favorite song. There is a slight static noise in the background that you notice. You can decide to focus on that static, making it louder and louder. Or you can choose to focus on your favorite song. In this situation, there is a choice of focusing what brings positive emotions versus negative. Now think of this example, you can think about how you spilled coffee on your shirt before you got to work and how awful it is that you have a stain. Or you can think of how beautiful it was that your stain created a connection with a co-worker who had done the same. You can decide to find meaning and purpose behind an irritating situation event or you can allow that irritation to build, contributing a grumbly, bad day.

We make the choice on how to live our lives. Regardless of whether an event feels positively or negatively, it is our choice to step beyond our irritations and bothersome emotions and find the journey that the situation brings. Imagine waking up every day and greeting the day with a sense of curiosity and wonder, regardless of your human circumstance. You can choose to have your day be as positive or negative as you would like. You can choose to find the meaning in your days.

Standing As We Are

We’ve come across people who are fearful of baring their soul for the world to see. It can be difficult, to say the least, to present as one’s true and genuine self. And truly, there was a historical purpose for not presenting as our true selves. There was a purpose to holding a facade, a protective purpose. We have lived in a world where we have been taught to keep each other in check – ‘Don’t present as your true self! Why would you do that? It’s dangerous!’ We’ve been warned time and time again. Why would we bare our soul when there is such cruelty all around us? Why would we put ourselves in a position of potential pain? Why would we be that vulnerable?

We believe it is time for that dynamic to change and to shift. So, let’s flip the thought pattern, shall we? What are the consequences if you don’t? What are the consequences if you don’t connect and align with who you truly are?

Many of us have learned to retreat from ourselves and from others. We have learned to keep our souls hidden within. We have learned to keep ourselves from presenting to the world around us. I mean, it’s certainly scary out there. People can be vicious and cruel. And some people are genuinely dangerous (always attend to your gut or intuition).

We believe it’s time to take a stand. To bare our souls to the world and to find the strength within that. Our souls have strength. If our soul is confronted with cruelty, our soul can respond. That is our choice. Our response is our choice. And our response could very well help the soul that has taken a stance in negativity. There is growth and learning in everything. We all have the capacity for viciousness. We all have the capacity to retreat in fear. We all have the capacity to stand up for unity.

We’ve heard from others that the negativity is too strong, it is too overwhelming. What are they supposed to do with it? How can they stand their ground when confronted with that? Step out of it. Step out of the madness. It’s not that you have to help the person who is negative to understand what they’re doing. They’ll get it in their own time in their own way. It’s not that you have to take their anger as your own. You deserve better than that. Step to the side and let their anger go into the world and the earth that can care for it. Don’t engage and try to stand your ground embodying the unconditional love that you can tap into. Accept that their soul is as wounded as many others, and this is their way of crying out from their pain. Same if you find someone who is retreated, they are in pain. Only, their cry is silent. They need just as much love and support. It’s not about putting any one down. Step out of it.

When we bare our soul to another, if they act in hatred and cruelty, it is our choice what to say or do in return. Our soul has strength. We do not have to engage with them in their own internal war. We do not have to feed into their hatred. We can instead feed them our love and kindness. We can still reach out with love to unify. Even if this means the best thing to do is smile and walk away.

We had been taught various lessons by others but we knew there was more.

A Three Part Message

Part III:

We both had grasped at answers for what we had been called here to do, what we had to offer to others and the world around us. Of course, we are both psychologists, so we could allowed that to be our answer. We knew there was more. We knew there was more we had to give. We were told by some we would never find our meaning in life if we were trying so hard, because we were definitely pushing for it. We were told by some there’s nothing more to live than going to work, going home, and repeating. We were told by some there’s nothing we should be doing and nothing we have to do; simply live life and it will take us there. We would like to say to all of those people, we appreciate your words and know they were well intended, and this is not the way we found life to be. Life has different paths for everyone, and the way those paths are meant to be traversed are different for everyone. We felt the urgency for us to figure this out, this message. And the message is so simple.

We go back and forth with this. I say love. I say unity. Ultimately our message is the same we just call it different things, and both can be equally pathological if intended in an ill manner.  

Unity. Love. Our next step in the journey of life. It’s time to learn to unify and love. And we’re sure after unification comes some other life journey, as a collective whole. Think of all of the speeches being made, the calling of many to unify, to bring together the people of this world. Our striving to maintain our individuality has driven us to a neurosis that blinds us to our ability to connect with others. And really, we can do both at the same time. Unifying with others is not about losing yourself. It is about maintaining yourself. To truly unify and create the beauty in unity, we must contribute our part. What if we made a change and learned to unify with one another? I mean, literally everyone you come across. If you stood grounded within yourself and said, I’m going to try to connect with the souls I come across. I’m going to stand my ground and look them in their eyes and try to unify based in love, not fear. To really make an attempt to put forth love and connection above all else. What do you think would happen?

Love. The form of love we are taught is conditional. We have to move past our experiences of conditional love in order to find the endless amounts of unconditional love. There are several definitions for love and really it is more than a feeling and more than an action. Unconditional love can be a transcendental experience connecting us to the depths of humanity and divinity. We have the privilege of being able to experience this and have access to unconditional love if we allow ourselves. Like unity, we have to be able to separate ourselves from others to really understand how to love ourselves and be firm in the love of ourselves. Once we have stopped looking for love to be “fulfilled,” then we are able to love others in the way love can be, real and unconditional. There is a debate on whether we have the capacity of loving unconditionally. If you are having this debate look harder, there is unconditional love. We challenge you to find it. Once we have the capacity to love ourselves and love others, we can be one with all things.

Our together journey taught us to unify, in the midst of a society teaching us to fear. If we ground and root ourselves deep within, we are then called to present ourselves to the world around us. We are then called to connect our souls with others. A soul to soul connection. Think of those conversations you’ve had with someone where every star seemed to align, you were deep in the throws of conversation with a person, so intimately connected, and you never wanted it to end. That was likely a soul-to-soul connection. We are here to tell you that connection can happen with every single person you come across. Our souls are meant to connect. We’ve been striving for connection and love, and we live in a society teaching us fear and hatred. True unity and love with another is not based in fear.

This is exactly what we have been practicing, and the results are mesmerizing. How often do you cross someone in the grocery store and don’t even think to look in their eyes to connect with them? How often do you check out at Target or Home Depot or the like and not even think to connect with the cashier? We don’t know about all of you reading this, but for us it was a lot. People cross our paths. Cars drive by – those have people in them. Our phones ring – those have people on the other end. We have our errands to run – those have people all over the place!

It’s time to unite through love.

Your answers come from within. Your strength comes from within. You are within.

A Three-Part Message

Part II:

When our journey to find our purpose had begun, our together path, we had no idea. We didn’t even know there was such a thing as a together path. Our society often teaches separation. We must be strong individuals. We must be able to stand on our own two feet with no one else. And that is only a part of the message. Yes, we believe standing as your own person and being strong in who you are is important. Your answers come from within. Your strength comes from within. You are within. We also believe there is more. Society has been focused on individuality, individuality is merely a point in the journey, not the end. And an important one at that. Once you truly know who you are and are firm within yourself, another journey begins. Finding yourself and learning to accept and love yourself, allows you to look out at the next journey, a journey of finding a genuine connection with others, because now you know how to truly love. Our individuality has taught us that we must stand on our own two feet, and our rigidity of maintaining that posture has contributed to an overwhelming fear. We interact with our family based in fear. We interact with our friends based in fear. We interact with people at work based in fear. We interact with our world based in fear. Maybe we don’t see it or recognize it at first, but sit with this thought, the thought of interacting based on fear. What are you afraid of when you interact with your friends? Maybe they won’t be interested in what you have to say. Maybe they will decide to leave you. Maybe they will think you’re too brusque or reject you. A fear of others and the world around you. Fear.

The Dali Lama said something to the like of we are all born here to give something to the world. We all have purpose and meaning. It is our responsibility and our choice to figure out what it is and to provide it. Whether it be we are here to provide the next generation of children or here to help large groups of people or here to give one message to one person on one day in time. In our journey, we found life involves some basic principles – trust, faith, and choice. Similarly to what the Dali Lama had spoken of, we have the choice. We also have the choice to trust and to have faith in oneself, each other, and the world around us. There is a choice in everything we do throughout every day. Choice in who you are and who you are not. Choice in how you behave and how you don’t behave. Choice in what you say and what you don’t say. Choice on your path of life. Life does not live you, you live it. And when we both let go and decided to live in life with trust, faith, and choice, when we decided and began living life as if it was giving us 100% and we were giving it 100%, our lives began to change. We began to find our message. (to be continued…)

Our meaning, our purpose, our message is one of unity and love.


A Three-Part Message

Part I:

We both knew, well before we met, we had been called to do something in this world. We just didn’t know what that was. We had both been in search of that answer since childhood, and along the way, we became lost in our search. Or maybe the position of being lost helped us regain our footing. Regardless, we had both become lost. We were living in the way the world had taught us. Going to work, going to sleep, going on repeat. The daily events of life had taken precedence over our deeper, inner meaning. Something at the start of our relationship we were no longer looking to find. Our journey, separately and together, took us there. Just as your journey will do for you. Our meaning, our purpose, our message is one of unity and love.

Our journey began in Fresno, CA, where we met in the midst of our graduate school program. This was a place in our lives where we were following the footsteps of what our lives had taught us, getting a degree to pursue the career we both wanted. We worked. We went to school. We did the daily requirements of cooking, cleaning, caring for our pets, etc. What we couldn’t see then was that life had placed us in the exact moment in time with one another for a beautiful reason. Instead what we saw was the tumultuous journey life had in store for us. Although we couldn’t see it clearly then, everything we endured was a stepping stone to get to the place we are now. Everything was a lesson to learn in order to share the message we have today. We fought tooth and nail against learning those lessons, frequently being entrenched by the misery we experienced. There is an old saying – nothing is good or bad – although we frequently experience the world in such a way. We knew this, but we couldn’t find that age-old wisdom. The wisdom saying each experience is meant for growth. The world will carry you kicking and screaming if it has to, in order for you to learn the lessons it has in store. And we definitely kicked and screamed. Looking back, our journey was experienced at such intensity and such rapidity that it felt like some chaotic mess. And if we hadn’t have been on our journey, we wouldn’t be in a place to share it with others. Because to truly guide others, one must experience the journey first.

(to be continued…)

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