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Our practice addresses all aspects of oneself – physical, psychological, spiritual.

Here, at Being Centered, our practice promotes a holistic lifestyle. What does a holistic lifestyle mean? It means addressing all aspects of oneself – physical, psychological, spiritual. Our practice honors you as a person, not as a symptom or a disorder. Considering you to be a whole person allows symptoms to be addressed in complete ways. And after all, as people, we are intricately connected within ourselves and with one another. A warm welcome to greater consciousness.

Guidance from Animals: Messages from the Universe

We were driving to facilitate our group at The Angel Cooperative on Route 7 in Ridgefield, CT, when we saw two vultures eating at the side of the road. As we drove past them one flew directly at our car, showing it’s magnificent splendor. So, of course, we searched, “spiritual meaning of vulture.” And really, we do that same search for many things. Some of the more recent ones have been “spiritual meaning of chipmunk” and “spiritual meaning of goose.” We can all receive messages from the universe, and we can have some say so in how we receive that guidance. We have chosen one of our ways as animal guidance. We have told the universe and directly so, that we are open to receiving messages and guidance in this form. So the universe readily provides. You’d be surprised what happens when you simply ask and then receive.

One night, I was up reading and there was a massive fly that landed right in front of me on the window frame. And normally I would not think anything of this occurrence, it is a common thing to see a fly. Well like everything else, I decided to search, “spiritual meaning of fly.” And surly enough there was a message for us. The fly was reminding us to persevere and show determination through difficult times and to utilize the whole vision (360 vision) of upcoming changes in our lives. I shared the messages with my wife the next morning, and we both felt an immediate sense of relief. We could do that. We could persevere, and we could definitely show determination.

One day, we were going on a walk on a trail at the recreation center in Ridgefield, CT. We were using our time to share about our spiritual path; where we had been, where we were, and where we were going. Suddenly, we saw a chipmunk scurrying amongst a pile of rocks. As you may know, chipmunks rarely show themselves to humans. I stopped my wife and said, “look, another chipmunk.” We had been seeing them frequently, as of late. As we both turned to look, the chipmunk stopped in it’s tracks, planted itself firmly on a rock, and stared back at us. It looked as though it was having a conversation with us, although we could not make out what was being said. A minute passed in this conversation, and a man began to near on the path, another walker out enjoying the day. And the chipmunk quickly scurried away amongst the rocks. So, per our usual, we looked up the meaning. And we read something good was on it’s way, we would experience abundance, and our heart’s desires would come true. This was exactly what we needed in that moment to keep moving forward with our day. We left our walk full of excitement and joy.

Do you ever have those times when you see something and point it out to someone, “look at that …” and the person looks and the animal is gone? That is a specific message meant for you! Try looking it up and see what happens. Allow the universe to share it’s wisdom.

The answers we are looking for are all around us.

There are subtle ways in which the spiritual realm and what we like to call our “spiritual posse” (that is in reference to your angels, guides, ancestors, and spiritual beings helping you on your journey) operate and call your attention. Ways they provide messages and guidance. Maybe spiritual realm or spiritual posses are a bit out there for some – it’s hard to find words for this that everyone can relate to. Think of what you can relate to, maybe it’s God and angels. Maybe it’s ancestors or Universe or Spirit. Use what works best for you. One of the ways messages are provided is through the “good” and “bad” occurrences that happen throughout your day. Another way is through animal sightings. Have you ever seen an animal that seemed to be calling your attention or was directly in your line of vision, unexpectedly?

The other day we saw a fox walking along the side of the road, literally walking right at us. Calm, no rush, staring us straight in the eyes. There was another time we saw a woodpecker, as we were driving. We stopped the car to watch. Another time, a friend called me “tiger,” in a commonly used expression. I had never heard her say this expression before or call me a “tiger” before. It stood out for me, like words that had been bolded. These instances can be messages. You can find meaning in them, if you choose to do so. A word of caution though, the messages are not always fun.

For example, we had a previous professor and now dear friend who flew into Boston from Fresno, CA. We decided to travel to visit her, and on our way our car started making a funny noise. We made it to a dealership for fixing. Stranded in the dealership for three hours, we had our laptops and a positive attitude. We wrote a chapter of our book at that dealership. We did not make it to Boston. We were not meant to go to Boston. We could have been bitter about it and we might have been if we were not in this place of finding meaning and purpose in all things. We were able to accept the outcome. Would it have been nice to make it to Boston and spend time with our dear friend? Yes, absolutely. And at the same time we accepted we had to do other things, and we were able to write beautiful words.

There is a relationship we have entered into with the spiritual realm in which we are actively engaging. It is a relationship, meaning it is two sided. That realm has ways of communicating with us, ways of providing us with information, if we are willing to listen and take heed. When we see an animal that seems out of place and directly placed in our path for a reason, such as the fox or the woodpecker or the tiger, we simply look up the meaning. Google has a lot of information nowadays. For example, we googled spiritual meaning of fox. A number of pages showed up – we picked one and read the information. We used the information that stood out to us. (When you try this, a lot of information will show up. Pick what stands out.) Our message was to find a swift way around a current predicament within our life. Simple and easy, wisdom from the ancestors right there in our path. The answers we are looking for are all around us. We simply have to open our eyes.

Standing As We Are

We’ve come across people who are fearful of baring their soul for the world to see. It can be difficult, to say the least, to present as one’s true and genuine self. And truly, there was a historical purpose for not presenting as our true selves. There was a purpose to holding a facade, a protective purpose. We have lived in a world where we have been taught to keep each other in check – ‘Don’t present as your true self! Why would you do that? It’s dangerous!’ We’ve been warned time and time again. Why would we bare our soul when there is such cruelty all around us? Why would we put ourselves in a position of potential pain? Why would we be that vulnerable?

We believe it is time for that dynamic to change and to shift. So, let’s flip the thought pattern, shall we? What are the consequences if you don’t? What are the consequences if you don’t connect and align with who you truly are?

Many of us have learned to retreat from ourselves and from others. We have learned to keep our souls hidden within. We have learned to keep ourselves from presenting to the world around us. I mean, it’s certainly scary out there. People can be vicious and cruel. And some people are genuinely dangerous (always attend to your gut or intuition).

We believe it’s time to take a stand. To bare our souls to the world and to find the strength within that. Our souls have strength. If our soul is confronted with cruelty, our soul can respond. That is our choice. Our response is our choice. And our response could very well help the soul that has taken a stance in negativity. There is growth and learning in everything. We all have the capacity for viciousness. We all have the capacity to retreat in fear. We all have the capacity to stand up for unity.

We’ve heard from others that the negativity is too strong, it is too overwhelming. What are they supposed to do with it? How can they stand their ground when confronted with that? Step out of it. Step out of the madness. It’s not that you have to help the person who is negative to understand what they’re doing. They’ll get it in their own time in their own way. It’s not that you have to take their anger as your own. You deserve better than that. Step to the side and let their anger go into the world and the earth that can care for it. Don’t engage and try to stand your ground embodying the unconditional love that you can tap into. Accept that their soul is as wounded as many others, and this is their way of crying out from their pain. Same if you find someone who is retreated, they are in pain. Only, their cry is silent. They need just as much love and support. It’s not about putting any one down. Step out of it.

When we bare our soul to another, if they act in hatred and cruelty, it is our choice what to say or do in return. Our soul has strength. We do not have to engage with them in their own internal war. We do not have to feed into their hatred. We can instead feed them our love and kindness. We can still reach out with love to unify. Even if this means the best thing to do is smile and walk away.

Your answers come from within. Your strength comes from within. You are within.

A Three-Part Message

Part II:

When our journey to find our purpose had begun, our together path, we had no idea. We didn’t even know there was such a thing as a together path. Our society often teaches separation. We must be strong individuals. We must be able to stand on our own two feet with no one else. And that is only a part of the message. Yes, we believe standing as your own person and being strong in who you are is important. Your answers come from within. Your strength comes from within. You are within. We also believe there is more. Society has been focused on individuality, individuality is merely a point in the journey, not the end. And an important one at that. Once you truly know who you are and are firm within yourself, another journey begins. Finding yourself and learning to accept and love yourself, allows you to look out at the next journey, a journey of finding a genuine connection with others, because now you know how to truly love. Our individuality has taught us that we must stand on our own two feet, and our rigidity of maintaining that posture has contributed to an overwhelming fear. We interact with our family based in fear. We interact with our friends based in fear. We interact with people at work based in fear. We interact with our world based in fear. Maybe we don’t see it or recognize it at first, but sit with this thought, the thought of interacting based on fear. What are you afraid of when you interact with your friends? Maybe they won’t be interested in what you have to say. Maybe they will decide to leave you. Maybe they will think you’re too brusque or reject you. A fear of others and the world around you. Fear.

The Dali Lama said something to the like of we are all born here to give something to the world. We all have purpose and meaning. It is our responsibility and our choice to figure out what it is and to provide it. Whether it be we are here to provide the next generation of children or here to help large groups of people or here to give one message to one person on one day in time. In our journey, we found life involves some basic principles – trust, faith, and choice. Similarly to what the Dali Lama had spoken of, we have the choice. We also have the choice to trust and to have faith in oneself, each other, and the world around us. There is a choice in everything we do throughout every day. Choice in who you are and who you are not. Choice in how you behave and how you don’t behave. Choice in what you say and what you don’t say. Choice on your path of life. Life does not live you, you live it. And when we both let go and decided to live in life with trust, faith, and choice, when we decided and began living life as if it was giving us 100% and we were giving it 100%, our lives began to change. We began to find our message. (to be continued…)

Our meaning, our purpose, our message is one of unity and love.


A Three-Part Message

Part I:

We both knew, well before we met, we had been called to do something in this world. We just didn’t know what that was. We had both been in search of that answer since childhood, and along the way, we became lost in our search. Or maybe the position of being lost helped us regain our footing. Regardless, we had both become lost. We were living in the way the world had taught us. Going to work, going to sleep, going on repeat. The daily events of life had taken precedence over our deeper, inner meaning. Something at the start of our relationship we were no longer looking to find. Our journey, separately and together, took us there. Just as your journey will do for you. Our meaning, our purpose, our message is one of unity and love.

Our journey began in Fresno, CA, where we met in the midst of our graduate school program. This was a place in our lives where we were following the footsteps of what our lives had taught us, getting a degree to pursue the career we both wanted. We worked. We went to school. We did the daily requirements of cooking, cleaning, caring for our pets, etc. What we couldn’t see then was that life had placed us in the exact moment in time with one another for a beautiful reason. Instead what we saw was the tumultuous journey life had in store for us. Although we couldn’t see it clearly then, everything we endured was a stepping stone to get to the place we are now. Everything was a lesson to learn in order to share the message we have today. We fought tooth and nail against learning those lessons, frequently being entrenched by the misery we experienced. There is an old saying – nothing is good or bad – although we frequently experience the world in such a way. We knew this, but we couldn’t find that age-old wisdom. The wisdom saying each experience is meant for growth. The world will carry you kicking and screaming if it has to, in order for you to learn the lessons it has in store. And we definitely kicked and screamed. Looking back, our journey was experienced at such intensity and such rapidity that it felt like some chaotic mess. And if we hadn’t have been on our journey, we wouldn’t be in a place to share it with others. Because to truly guide others, one must experience the journey first.

(to be continued…)

Treatment Approach Being Centered

Love starts within yourself

We’ve been talking recently about love and how to embody the essence of love. How does one send out love to everything around them, all day?

Yep, all day, every day.

If we really tune into ourselves (our thought and feelings about ourselves and others), we tend to find that we are in a loop of continual negativistic patterns. We’ve somehow learned to do this for generations upon generations.

For some reason the negative stands out more and our focus goes to negative more fluidly which causes the perpetual negative in life. We believe this is partly due to the need for our families and our ancestors to protect us from the world around us.

There have been times in our lives and our ancestors lives when we needed protection.

We have come into a place in society where information is readily present. People are all around us and accessible.

We have the power to protect ourselves.

We always have.

Maybe it’s that we haven’t known how to use it.

We didn’t understand our abilities because we do not allow ourselves to get there. There is this push to look outside of ourselves for everything.

We do not want to outcast or dampen our use of negativistic thoughts and emotions. These can be a part of our daily lives; however, they seem to have taken a place in our lives that has gone beyond usefulness.

We do not want to encourage you being positive 24/7, that would not be human. We are encouraging you to allow yourself to be positive. Give yourself permission to see the beauty that surrounds you. Love starts within yourself then you can give to others.

So then what do we do with the negative? We understand it. We value it. We send it as much love as we’re sending out to everything else. Underneath negativity and pain, there is fear. So the next time you’re thinking, “I can’t believe he/she would do something like that” – or – “I’m just stupid sometimes” – or – “No one will ever really love me”

Try to use your own inner voice, your own inner healer, and say, “I can respect that you feel hurt and afraid, and I love you all the same.”


Try imagining yourself sending every bit of love you have towards whatever that thought or emotion is.

Then imagine yourself letting it go to whatever source you believe can better care for it (God,  Universe, Source, Spirit, etc.).

You deserve every bit of love in your life, and you deserve to send that out to others.

We can all choose to embody love. We have choice.

Treatment Approach Being Centered

Through Finding Yourself, You Can Find One Another

Our blog has been a mish-mash of topics, as we have been discovering what we would like to share with our readers, and we appreciate your patience!


is the first day we have begun to focus on our intention for this blog.

Our work has driven us to focus on raising consciousness within individuals and within relationships, particularly with couples.

We recently wrote a book titled, Awaken Love. The book tells of Dr. Huff’s and Dr. Reyes Castillo’s long journey in finding themselves and finding each other. The book is a non-fiction about the journey of a marriage between two female psychologists. Our story is one of love. We met in the midst of chaos during our psychology graduate program.

This takes you highlights the strength we both held as individuals and the long and winding path one takes in truly getting to know one’s inner path and one’s soul. The journey, we discovered, does not end there.

The journey continues through gaining a similar level of awareness and consciousness in relationship with another, supporting the new power of love that can arise. The story tells of the beauty and cruelty of love and the lessons learned along the way. Our determination led us to learn how love was meant to be experienced, a way that society does not frequently examine or experience love. A love that we can all have, if we allow ourselves to look for it. We look forward to sharing our future writings with you about this path.

Through finding yourself, you can find one another.

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