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Treatment Approach Being Centered

Love starts within yourself

We’ve been talking recently about love and how to embody the essence of love. How does one send out love to everything around them, all day?

Yep, all day, every day.

If we really tune into ourselves (our thought and feelings about ourselves and others), we tend to find that we are in a loop of continual negativistic patterns. We’ve somehow learned to do this for generations upon generations.

For some reason the negative stands out more and our focus goes to negative more fluidly which causes the perpetual negative in life. We believe this is partly due to the need for our families and our ancestors to protect us from the world around us.

There have been times in our lives and our ancestors lives when we needed protection.

We have come into a place in society where information is readily present. People are all around us and accessible.

We have the power to protect ourselves.

We always have.

Maybe it’s that we haven’t known how to use it.

We didn’t understand our abilities because we do not allow ourselves to get there. There is this push to look outside of ourselves for everything.

We do not want to outcast or dampen our use of negativistic thoughts and emotions. These can be a part of our daily lives; however, they seem to have taken a place in our lives that has gone beyond usefulness.

We do not want to encourage you being positive 24/7, that would not be human. We are encouraging you to allow yourself to be positive. Give yourself permission to see the beauty that surrounds you. Love starts within yourself then you can give to others.

So then what do we do with the negative? We understand it. We value it. We send it as much love as we’re sending out to everything else. Underneath negativity and pain, there is fear. So the next time you’re thinking, “I can’t believe he/she would do something like that” – or – “I’m just stupid sometimes” – or – “No one will ever really love me”

Try to use your own inner voice, your own inner healer, and say, “I can respect that you feel hurt and afraid, and I love you all the same.”


Try imagining yourself sending every bit of love you have towards whatever that thought or emotion is.

Then imagine yourself letting it go to whatever source you believe can better care for it (God,  Universe, Source, Spirit, etc.).

You deserve every bit of love in your life, and you deserve to send that out to others.

We can all choose to embody love. We have choice.

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