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What if communication was not meaningless?

What if communication was not meaningless?

What if we all had messages to share with one another? We’re referencing each and every person. The person you cross paths within the grocery store. The person you are pumping gas next to at the gas station. Your best friend whom you’ve known for years. Your wife or your husband. Every single person we come across. What if we all have messages for one another? What if we’re standing next to that person in that long, long line for a reason.

Communication can be meaningless, but what if it doesn’t have to be? What if there is more to this chitter-chattering we have all learned to do? I grew up questioning the purpose of communication. I never understood why we stood around talking about the weather or what we ate for dinner. The conversation topics seemed non-sensical to me. I remember my mother trying to help me understand it and how to engage in others in this seemingly, socially acceptable manner. And while I gained the skill, with due thanks to my mother, I still found myself wanting to hear from people’s souls, from who they truly were not who they were pretending to be or who they thought they had to be. I wanted to have a soul-to-soul conversation. That was where the meaning was and could be found. And that, my dear readers, is where the messages are.

We’ve taught ourselves how to have the meaningless conversation or necessary conversation about the external world (plans for the day, requirements at work, etc.). What if we were to teach each other how to communicate through our souls? Consider it. If you woke up one morning, determined to only say what you truly meant to say to someone, whether it made logical sense or not, what would come out of your mouth. Here’s where I started today. My opening line to my wife, “something’s changed, and we need to figure out what it is.” Her response, “it was the winds.” Now to any other person out there, this conversation holds no meaning. But to us, it held deep and treasured meaning. One of the first days when I decided to give this message-thing a shot, to focus solely on contributing meaning to the world around me, I was strolling the aisles of the grocery store. I came side-by-side with a woman I had never seen. She said, “it’s interesting how you find the things you’re looking for when you least expect it.” I nearly exclaimed with excitement and decided to reply, “that’s it!” She had validated my entire purpose of the day. She had given me a message saying the meaning could be found anywhere, at any time. And I hoped my return message, helped her. So, I ask you, what would happen if you started listening for and providing messages? What if you allowed yourself to experience the life we can all truly have?

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